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I'm Demi Vitkute, a seasoned journalist, marketing expert, and startup catalyst 🚀. I can help you navigate the bumpy road to success and shatter the confines of what I call the “Marketing Circle of Death.” 

What Is the "Marketing Circle of Death," You Ask? 🤔

Founding a startup is like taking a daring leap out of an airplane ✈️ without knowing how to use the parachute. It took you a lot of enthusiasm, guts, and faith to start this journey. You’ve assessed the possible risks, but didn’t foresee this one. It’s a perplexing twist in your freefall, the dangerous loop that makes you stall – the “Marketing Circle of Death.” It's a vortex of stagnation, where sales and audience growth plateau, no matter how many posts you make. Your competition seems to thrive, even with inferior offerings, and your message fails to resonate. You're trapped and it's a frustrating maze. 

You’ve probably already heard that about 90 percent of startups fail, and 10 percent fail within the first year. But did you know that one of the main reasons for their failure is poor marketing? You can have the best product or service in the world but if you don't have the right marketing strategy, then it won’t sell. 

So what are the obstacles of the “Marketing Circle of Death” and what mistakes are you making to overcome them? Let's take a look.


🔍 Overcoming the Circle's First Obstacle: Poor Brand Recognition 🔍

Is your startup's recognition falling short of its true potential? You might be unknowingly making these mistakes:

☠️ Mistake #1: Neglecting Your Unique Story

The brand story is the foundation of your business. Trying to advance without it is like constructing a house without a foundation – it's destined to crumble. Your brand's values, origin, and mission should stand out in a sea of monotony. Yet, many startups overlook this essential aspect. Your story is your bridge to media and customer engagement – don't let it fade into obscurity.


🔍 Overcoming the Circle's Second Obstacle: Budget Constraints 🔍 

Budget constraints shackling your marketing dreams? These pitfalls might be dragging you down:

☠️ Mistake #1: Going Solo on Marketing and PR

Handling everything solo leads to burnout. Effective marketing requires focus and action. Even the most effective strategies can falter if your team is sidetracked by other commitments or possibilities. Failing to concentrate AND act on your marketing efforts can sink your startup.

☠️ Mistake #2: Hiring a Marketing Agency or In-House

Hiring a costly agency or in-house team can drain your funds. Often, the returns are meager, and personalized attention is scarce. Your budget dwindles, and your startup's potential remains untapped.


🔍 Overcoming the Circle's Third Obstacle: Struggling to Stand Out 🔍

 Is your startup struggling against well-established competitors? Here's a crucial step to overcome:

☠️ Mistake #1: Copycat Strategies

Remember, your competition's moves matter, but not in the way you might think. Instead of endlessly dissecting your competitors' websites and social media to mimic their every move, consider what they're NOT doing or saying. Your unique selling proposition lies in what you offer that your competitors don't. 

Now you know about the "Marketing Circle of Death" and the mistakes you were making to overcome it. How can I help you stand out and get the attention you deserve? 

 🚀 Breaking the Cycle and Unlocking Success 🚀

Together, we'll rewrite your startup's narrative. Here's our strategic journey:

STEP 1: 🖋️ Craft Your Compelling Brand Story 🖋️

Your brand story is the foundation of your business. We’ll create a narrative that captivates, resonates, and commands attention. It will be the key to your marketing success.

To create the brand story, I will need to spend some hours talking with you, the founders, to get to the core. In today’s landscape, a brand’s unique value proposition must intertwine seamlessly with its values (ethics, transparency, charitable contributions). Together we’ll formulate messaging that exudes authenticity and precision. As I become acquainted with your journey, the culmination will be a page’s length of narrative and a comprehensive revamp of your website’s copy – not only your About Us page, but other crucial sections like mission, education, blog, and more, as warranted.

STEP 2: 📈 Create Engaging Content that Converts 📈

Armed with your compelling story, we'll ignite the power of content marketing. Engaging blog posts and captivating social media content will convert curious readers into devoted customers. The content strategy encompasses:
  • Expertly crafted social media strategy and content
  • Cohesive supplementary content complementing social media efforts
  • An exclusive and confidential unique content strategy, leveraging my journalistic prowess. This strategic approach will propel your brand's followers, amplify awareness, and allure new listeners through targeted organic engagements with influential individuals – and the best part? It won't cost you a dime (feel free to inquire for details)

STEP 3 🗣️ Master Media Relations and Create Buzz 🗣️

Navigating the ever-evolving media landscape is my forte. Leveraging an extensive network of journalists, bloggers, podcasters, and influencers, I'll secure top-tier media coverage for your startup. From impactful press releases and compelling media pitches to strategic influencer campaigns, your story will reach the right ears, setting the stage for your remarkable success. Ready to make your brand the talk of the town?

I offer guaranteed feature article placements as well. Such features, if sponsored, can command hefty fees, often reaching up to $40,000 on popular platforms. Alternatively, an earned media placement, would require an exceptionally unique angle to capture the attention of the press. Please inquire about guaranteed features and my media partners. 

Receiving any type of media attention adds gold value and credibility to your brand. When scouring for someone new to write about, bigger media outlets will be able to refer to your existing articles. Once you have at least a couple of interviews down, add a section on your brand’s website for “PRESS” or “AS SEEN IN…” to further enhance your reputation. 

 ✅ STEP 4: 👏🏻 Tailored Triumph – Your Unique Path to Victory 👏🏻

Your startup is unique, and so is our strategy. Customized PR and marketing plans, meticulously designed for your goals and budget, will steer you toward triumph. 🏆
Ready to reclaim your startup's destiny? Let's connect, conquer, and break free from the "Marketing Circle of Death." Together, we'll sculpt your brand's legacy and rewrite its story.

Why Me?

I'm Demi Vitkute, a seasoned brand strategist, journalist, and editor. I’ve written for prestigious national and international publications, including The Washington Post, MNS, Inside Hook, and others. 

I have a deep passion for using my writing and strategy skills to catapult brands into success. Discovering my innate knack for advising brands, I realized I could offer more insight in five minutes than they'd conceive in a year. My clients have dubbed me a "copywriting whizz" due to my exceptional writing skills, but it's my ability to craft comprehensive big-picture strategies for marketing and PR campaigns that has earned me the title of "visionary."

Given my rare expertise in navigating both sides of the media world, I’ve emerged as a catalyst for brands, igniting growth and propelling narratives that captivate. I’ve helped startups launch from the ground up, seamlessly merging brand stories, identities, and clear messaging into growth-driven marketing and PR strategies that translate into tangible results. 

A proud graduate of the esteemed Columbia Journalism School, I wear entrepreneurial hats as the founder of The Urban Watch Magazine and of Fashion Watch, an investigative fashion endeavor honored with a grant from Columbia University’s Brown Institute for Media Innovation.

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